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Radius Curb & Gutter Forms Specs & Sizes

dee radius curb and gutter forms can be fabricated to meet any specification. They are available in variable heights from 4" to 24" in 10-foot sections.

dee radius curb and gutter profiles are determined by city, county or state specifications and can vary widely per application.

dee's Radius Curb & Gutter Forms Parts List

dee's Radius Curb and Gutter Forms are custom made to your specifications. The table below lists the ranges of sizes available for each of the parts needed to complete a configuration. Maximum form lengths are 10’0" lg.

To view an image of any product listed in the table below, just roll over the dee product number.

Part Heights Description dee Product #  
Radius Back Form 4" - 24" Radius back form 507 View Part
Radius Front Form 4" - 24" Radius front form 507 View Part
Radius Curb Face Form 6" - 12" Radius curb face form - Types J, B, S or A 516 View Part
6" - 12" Radius curb used as curb face form - Type A 507 View Part
Top Spreaders 4" - 9" Top spreaders - Type S 315 View Part
Division Plates most Full division plate - Types J, B, S or A 339 View Part
most Skeleton division plate - Types J, B, S or A 340 View Part

Commonly Ordered Sets for Radius Curb & Gutter Forms

There are 5 basic industry-standard configurations for radius curb & gutter placement forming. Click one of these configurations below to view the ordering specs:

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