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All-Purpose Hangers for Wood Forming

dee's all-purpose hangers for wood forms are used in curb and gutter applications when the curbs are on top of, or next to, existing pavement for stub walls and trenched footers with exposed concrete.

Typical Applications:

  • Curbs
  • Stub walls
  • Trenched footers with exposed concrete

Specs & Sizes for dee’s All-Purpose Hangers

All-purpose hangers consist of a heavy-duty slide bar with an attached stake pocket and interchangeable hanger elements. The slide bar is usually 18" long when used for forming curbs up to 48" for use with trenched footers.Nail hangers slip on the open end of a slide bar to provide the contractor forming options with variable dimensions.


Curb Forms

With the addition of a hanger element to the slide bar, it can be used to form curbs

Trenched Footers

Add two vertical hanging elements for use with trenched footers

Suspending Forms Over a Trench

Add an adjustable slide pocket to suspend forms over a trench

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Description dee Product #  
Nail Hanger - Vertical
445 View Part
Nail Hanger - Battered
(must specify batter)
446 View Part
Slide Bar 418 View Part
Slide Pocket 425 View Part
Form Setting Template
(must specify width)
426 View Part
Features and Benefits

Rapid vertical and horizontal adjustments

Fast and accurate form placement

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