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Series 700 Seawalls Specs & Sizes

dee has been an innovator in the manufacture of steel precast concrete seawall forms. Our standard adjustable seawall forms are 5' to 6' wide and 6" thick and use a sliding bulkhead to produce panels 10' to 16' high in 2' foot increments. dee's custom seawall forms can be made to be able to form seawall panels up to a height of 20'. The tongue and groove design forms a seawall composed of interlocking panels.

dee seawall forms are manufactured with alternating male and female keyway ends so panels fit perfectly. Our seawall forms use quick acting slotted connector bolts and wedges to quickly and firmly lock the seawall forming components together.

dee adjustable seawall forms are made out of 10-gauge steel, and can be used to form panels in thickness from 4"-12". They have the capability to form panel heights of 10', 12', 14' and 16' with form widths up to 10'.

Seawall form sets consist of a male keyway form, a female keyway form, a fixed bottom bulkhead and top adjustable bulkhead.

dee's seawall forms have been designed with slots for lifting elements built right into the fixed bottom bulkhead. They can be assembled and disassembled using fast acting "threadless" connector bolts.

Custom seawall forms with fixed bulkheads are also available upon request and are available in heights up to 20' and widths up to 10' depending on your finished seawall panel requirements.


Stabilizing Brackets

Designed to strengthen the Series 700 sidewalls for larger sized panels (dee product #787)

Seawall Cap Forming Brackets

Designed to make seawall cap forming a faster, simpler and safer operation (dee product #791)

Dee’s Series 700 Seawalls Parts List

dee's Series 700 Seawalls are custom made to your specifications. The table below lists the ranges of sizes available for each of the parts needed to complete a configuration. Maximum form lengths are 10'0" lg.

To view an image of any of our products listed in the table below, just roll over the dee product number.

Part Heights Description dee Product #  
Sidewall Forms 4" - 12" Male keyway 782M View Part
4" - 12" female keyway 780F View Part
End Bulkhead Forms 4" - 12" End bulkhead 750 View Part
4" - 12" End bulkhead w/2 slots for lifting elements 752 View Part
4" - 12" Adjustable bulkhead w/nuts and bolts 720A View Part
Parts and Options -- Modified small connector bolts 669M View Part
-- Small curved bent wedges 675 View Part
-- Attached stake pockets with back plate 789 View Part
-- Top yoke assembly 787 View Part
-- Splicer plates to connect longer forms    

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