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Since our inception in 1956, dee Concrete Accessories II has set the standard for horizontally placed concrete forms and accessories. dee produces superbly engineered, high quality steel, long-lasting, concrete forms including: flatwork, curb and gutter, paving, and high curb; as well as custom forms such as: super flat, tilt-up, rehab, and foundation sets.

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Flatwork Forms

View our variety of flatwork forms to meet contractor needs for concrete projects. Straight and flexible forms, forms punched for dowels, and a full line of flatwork accessories.


Curb & Gutter Forms

Choose from Industry Standard or Custom Profiles

dee Concrete offers a full range of curb and gutter forming products including:

  • Back forms
  • Front forms
  • Straight forms
  • Straight/flexible curb face forms
  • Division plates
  • Plus many accessories...


Nail Stakes
Nail Stakes

Secure your Wood or Metal Forms with Confidence

Sample flatwork applications for dee Concrete’s Nail Stakes:

  • Screed Bar Holder Clamps
  • Landscape timbers
  • Surveying Stakes
  • String Line Guides
  • Metal Forms with Pockets
  • and much more...


Custom Forms
Custom Forms

dee also offers a custom line of super flat forms for projects requiring the flattest floors or foundations with the least variation; tilt-up forms, reversible tilt-up forms; foundation form sets; custom-designed to place slab on grade foundations for garages and homes; and rehab forms.


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