dee Concrete

Adjustable Pier-Piling Sidewall Forms

dee Concrete offers rectangular or square shaped pier-piling forms for concrete pier piling forming applications.

Typical Applications:

  • Pier supports
  • Other marine applications

Benefits Comparison Chart

See how dee’s concrete forms measure up against wood-piling or pre-cast piling forms

Control over finished pier-pilling length, width and height + +
Interlocking forms, using slotted bolt and wedge connectors +
Effective pier pilling production and delivery schedule management +
Ability to quickly adjust pier pilling seawall form length in standard 2' increments up to maximum of length of 16' +
Provides contractor with a method to quickly and easily obtain finished pier pillings in non-standard lengths   +
Requires virtually no training on its use   +
Eliminates wood pier form material purchases and disposal costs + +
Provides a dimensionally accurate pier pilling each time the forms are used +
Reduces pilling form setup and stripping labor by 50% +
Eliminates job-site hazards created by used bent form board nails   + +
Creates pier pillings to meet a job's requirements 2-3 times faster than using wood forms + +
Provides a long-term forming solution, enabling the pouring of hundreds of pier pillings + +
Provides a 10-year+ useful life asset +
Provides an 8-month, or less, investment recovery +
Reduces finished pier pilling and transportation costs by 30% + +
Eliminates production and delivery delays + +
Provides the contractor with the ability to select and control the concrete mixture and additives + +
Allows the contractor to determine the amount, configuration, and placement of internal reinforcement support (rebar) in each pier pilling +

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