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Cips are welded to the front, back or center of division plates to hold forms in place.

Parts List and Specs for dee’s Clips

dee offers a variety of clips in a variety of sizes to match your project's needs.

Description deeProduct #
3/8" rotating clip for Hollywood division plates 927
3/8" slide latch assembly for "S" & Hollywood curbfaces 930
5/16" rotating clip for flexible division plates 935
5/16" rotating clip for straight division plates 937
Retainer clip for A, B, J, & S straight and flexible curbfaces 941
End clips for straight division plates 944
End clips for flexible division plates 945
End clips for wood division plates 946
Curb face form clip when straight form used as curb face 939
Features and Benefits

Combine components for specific common repetitive applications

Forming versatility

Variety of types and sizes

The right concrete accessory makes any job go smoother

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