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Super flat forms #244

dee Concrete Accessories manufactures two styles of super flat forms for projects requiring the flattest floors or foundations with the least variation.One style is manufactured with a fixed angle and the other with a removable angle. Both styles can have dowel holes punched and be outfitted with special connector bolt ends.

The defining characteristic of these forms is the top rail's angled edge. These forms are used for pouring super flat floors primarily for warehouse floors of similar applications where wire guides are used to maneuver or control material handling equipment. Many new large warehouse construction projects require super flat floors for wire-guided warehouse equipment or the anticipated use of wire-guided warehouse equipment.

When the warehouse floor placement is being finished, the finishing screed rides on the angle edge of the super flat form and pushes loose concrete on the form rail to the side. This process eliminates screed hops that typically cause ripples in the floor over the width of the placement.

Specifications/Range of Sizes

dee super flat forms are available in 12-gauge steel for forms up to 7.5" in height and in 10-gauge steel for metal forms from 4" to 24" in height.

Typical Applications

Warehouse floors requiring near zero deviation for guide by wire warehouse equipment

Eliminates screed hop

No costly rework

Eliminates deviation from the required flatness

Prevents concrete contractor from grinding out or filling the imperfections, or breaking out the placement and starting over in extreme cases

Can double as standard flatwork forms(when used with the removable angle)

Saves contractor the expense of buying additional forms

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