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GSA MAS (Multiple Awards Schedule) 51 Products Categorized Under SIN (Special Item Numbers) 105 002

dee Concrete Accessories current offering of GSA Multiple Awards Schedule 51 is listed below. The production location for ALL products listed is Norridge, Illinois 60706, USA.

These specific dee products are available on Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts, meaning we provide an indefinite quantity of supplies and services during a fixed period of time. This designation helps streamline the contract process and expedite the service delivery.

Any other dee manufactured product can be ordered and the appropriate description will be issued and added to the GSA schedule. Download the full product list, or email us for any additional product questions.

Steel Straight Forms

Steel Size dee Product #
12 gauge 4" x 10' DC 205-4
6" x 10' DC 205-6
8" x 10' DC 205-81
10 gauge 8" x 10' DC 205-8
10" x 10' DC 205-10
12" x 10' DC 205-24
18" x 10' DC 205-10
24" x 10' DC 205-24

Cold Rolled Solid Steel Nail Stakes

Cold rolled stakes have a higher density than hot rolled stakes making them a better choice for hard and rocky soil conditions. dee's cold rolled nail stakes are for use with steel or wood forms.

Diameter Length dee Product #
3/4" 18" DC 101-18
24" DC 101-18
7/8" 18" DC 102-18
24" DC 102-18

Stake Puller

dee's heavy duty stake pullers remove 3/4" or 7/8" dee securing stakes.

Product dee Product #
Heavy Duty Stake Puller DC 132
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dee's form trials for municipalities

Contact us to learn about our programs allowing cities, states or counties to participate in form trial.

PH: 800-245-1333
FX: 708-452-7220

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