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Adjustable Pier-Piling Sidewalls Specs & Sizes

dee is an innovator in the manufacture of adjustable marine pier piling forms for smaller applications. Pier piling sidewall forms (dee product #783) are available in 2', 4', 6', 8' and 10' lengths, and are all manufactured with 10-gauge steel.

Pier-piling forms will be made to your specifications in square shaped forms from 6" x 6" up to 24" x 24";and in rectangular shaped forms from 6" to 24" dimensions in ¼" increments.


Sidewall Stabilizer

A sidewall stabilizer (dee product #786) is used to lock the side forms firmly together.

End Caps

Two (2) end caps are needed to complete the pier piling forming system: 1 solid (dee product #784,) and 1 with slots for lifting elements and rebar (dee product #785).

Slotted Bolts and Wedges

Assemble and disassemble our adjustable pier piling form components by using duty slotted bolts (dee product #679) and wedges (dee product #602).


Division Plates

Marine contractors can insert an optional division plate (dee product #356) at any point in the form set-up to create a custom length piling to meet individual piling requirements. It is recommended that a top yoke spreader be attached to the sidewall forms near the division plate insertion location.

Stake Pockets

Stake pockets (dee product #901) add more stability when forming the thickest pier pilings.

dee's standard stake pocket configuration per 10' of pier piling form consists of 1 row of 3 single stake pockets for forms up to 10" in form height; 2 rows of 3 single pockets for forms 10+" to 16"; and 3 rows of 3 single stake pockets for forms 16+" to 24" tall.

Dee’s Pier-Piling Sidewalls Parts List

dee's Pier Piling Sidewalls are custom made to your specifications. The table below lists the ranges of sizes available for each of the parts needed to complete a configuration. Maximum form lengths are 10’0” lg.

To view an image of any of our products listed in the table below, just roll over the dee product number.

Part Heights Description dee Product #  
Sidewall Forms 4" - 16" Pier piling sidewall form - 3 pocket 783 View Part
End Caps 4" - 16" End cap 784 View Part
4" - 16" End cap w/2 slots for lifting elements 785 View Part
Parts and Options -- Large connector bolts 679 View Part
-- Large curved wedges 602 View Part
-- Rigid yoke 791 View Part

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