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Answers to common questions about our concrete products and accessories, and how to find our product specifications on our web site.

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How extensive is the dee Concrete product line?
dee Concrete has been serving the concrete paving industry since 1956 when we introduced the nail stake, an industry standard. We now offer standard concrete placement forms and accessories to meet most horizontal concrete placement needs. Our standard forms include flatwork forms, curb & gutter forms, high curb forms, and heavy duty paving forms.

Our custom forms include super flat forms, tilt-up forms, reversible tilt-up forms, Foundation form sets, seawall forms and rehab forms.

We have designed and offer an extensive line of accessories for both steel and wood forming.
I will be bidding a large concrete forming job soon. How can I be sure of my formwork costs before I bid? Can dee help me price a project during the pre-bid stage?
Yes, we often help contractors during the pre-bid stages to make a viable forming plan, and can supply detailed drawings, parts lists, forming and stripping sequences.
Can I rent dee forms?
dee has a nationwide network of distributors throughout the country. Many of our distributors do rent forms. Give us a call at 1-800-245-1333 to identify a distributor near you.
Are dee Concrete forms and accessories systems compatible with other forming systems?
dee Concrete forming systems ARE compatible with other concrete forming systems. Many of our competitors can't answer this question in the affirmative! Because we are a custom manufacturer, we can offer a variety of ways for you to continue using your old form inventory while upgrading to dee product.

There are a small number of localized machine shop forms on the market with which we cannot say our forms will match.
Can dee make custom forms and accessories?
dee has been making custom forms to meet the unique needs of our customers since 1956. Unlike most of our competitors who only sell their standard line, we special order products to match the exact specs of your project. dee engineers and design staff will gladly assist you to solve your unique concrete forming applications and then make the forms you require.
How do I get dee pricing?
Your nearest dee distributor will be glad to quote pricing on dee products. Or, you can give us a call at 1-800-245-1333 and we will provide the pricing information to get you started on your project.
How do I order? Can I order online?
No. dee Concrete offers a standard line of concrete placement metal forms and accessories for both metal and wood forming. We distribute through a national network of industrial equipment supply houses and construction equipment supply houses.

All orders must be processed through an authorized dee Concrete distributor.

Call us at 1-800-245-1333 to get the name and number of a distributor near you.
How do I contact a sales person to answer other questions?
The contact list gives phone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail addresses, for each dee internal personnel. We can also put you in contact with one of our hundreds of industrial equipment supply distributors throughout the U.S.
Who owns dee Concrete?
dee Concrete is a privately owned business.
Why should I use steel forms for my horizontal concrete placement projects instead of wood forming?
First, to save money! Steel forms will pay for themselves quickly. dee Concrete steel forms are ~75% cheaper to use than wood based on the replacement cost of wood forms only and their necessary maintenance.

Second, to get a more consistent concrete forming job done every time.

Third, the use of steel forms for concrete placement is easier and requires less training than a crew using wood forms.

Fourth, steel forms are safer to work with so you will reduce lost workdays due to injuries.

Fifth...well,actually there are a lot more - talk to your local dee distributor!
How fast can you ship me an order?
It depends if you are ordering standard items or custom forms or accessories, but dee shipments are extremely fast compared to others in our industry. In fact, dee Concrete is the fastest shipping manufacturer of metal forms for horizontal concrete placement in the U.S.!

We normally ship your order within 48 hours of receipt, but it is often 24 hours. Truckload orders might take 4 or 5 working days to ship.
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