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Transition Forms for Metal Forming

Transition forms are used to change from straight to flexible forming for all flatwork and curb & gutter applications.

Typical Applications:

  • Driveways
  • Shopping center concrete placements
  • Sidewalks
  • Streets

Specs & Sizes for dee’s Transition Forms

These 12" long heavy-duty steel transition sections are sold in male/female pairs. The male piece has a nose section and the female piece is manufactured with a receptacle. Both have an angle brace at the end allowing easy attachment to flexible forms. Each also comes with a stake pocket for positive placement. They are available in heights from 4' to 24" and curb face transitions to match any profile.

Place your mouse over a product number in the table to reveal the product image.

Description dee Product #  
Flatwork transition form - Male (4" - 18" widths available) * 559 View Part
Flatwork transition form - Female (4" - 18" widths available) * 560 View Part
Curbface (Types B, J and S) transition form - Male 562 View Part
Curbface (Types B, J and S) transition form - Female 563 View Part

* 4" through 11" require one lock clamp; 12" through 18" require two lock clamps

Features and Benefits

Change from wood straight forms to flexible forms, or radius forms and back

Eliminate need to "scab in" with masonite or wood

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