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Curbface Tools for Metal Forming

A curb face tool is a large metal hand tool run along the concrete to form a desired curb profile or to remove surface imperfections for any curb and gutter application.

Four curbface variations offered:

  • J type
  • S type
  • Spec step
  • Mountable

Typical Applications:

    • Streets
    • Driveways
  • Roadways
  • Parking lots

Specs & Sizes for dee’s Curbface Tools

dee's Curb face tools are typically 12" to 18" long, with a 1/16" thick metal blade and a wooden handle. The shape of the curb face tool is designed to be an exact match to the curb's required profile. All dee curb face tools are custom made to exact end-user specifications.

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Spec step curb tool View Part
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Features and Benefits

Precisely shape concrete curbs after placement

Saves time

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