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Glossary of Concrete Terms

To help site visitors, industrial distributors, and contractors understand or clarify many terms used in the concrete and paving industry, dee Concrete Accessories has included this one-of-a-kind glossary. The glossary is organized as an alpha listing to assist you to quickly find the term you are looking for.

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Nail stakes

Round steel pins used to fasten wood forms together and securing them to the ground by pounding nails through pre-drilled holes in the pins.

They are commonly used in all flatwork applications and for attaching screed bar holder clamps in flatwork finishing. They typically are made in 1/2" or 7/8" diameters and come in lengths form 12" to 48".

See cold-rolled solid steel form pins, form pins, flat stakes, flatwork forms, and hot-rolled solid steel form pins.

Neat cement

Unhydrated hydraulic cement. See hydraulic cement.

Neat cement-paste

A mixture of water and hydraulic cement, both before and after setting and hardening. See hydraulic cement.

No-fines concrete

A concrete mixture in which only the coarse gradation (3/8" to 3/4" normally) of aggregate is used. See aggregate.

Non-agitating unit

A truck-mounted unit for transporting ready-mixed concrete short distances, but not equipped to provide agitation (slow mixing) during delivery. See agitator truck and ready-mixed concrete.

Non-air-entrained concrete

Concrete in which neither an air-entraining admixture nor air-entraining cement has been used. See also air-entrained agent, admixture, and air-entrained concrete.

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