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Glossary of Concrete Terms

To help site visitors, industrial distributors, and contractors understand or clarify many terms used in the concrete and paving industry, dee Concrete Accessories has included this one-of-a-kind glossary. The glossary is organized as an alpha listing to assist you to quickly find the term you are looking for.

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A residue of weak and non-durable material consisting of cement, aggregate, fines, or impurities brought to the surface of overwet concrete by the bleeding water. See bleeding.

Lateral force

A force acting in a generally horizontal direction, such as wind, earthquake, or soil pressure against a foundation wall.


A layer of concrete.

Lift-slab construction

A building method for multi-story sitecast concrete buildings that casts all the slabs in a stack on the ground and then lifts them up the columns and welds them into place. See sitecast concrete.


A rope or string made of nylon used as a guide to set forms to grade. See grade.

Lock clamps

Accessory clamps used to connect transition forms to flexible forms used in all flatwork and curb and gutter applications.

Long float

A concrete finishing float designed to be handled by two men. See float.

Low-lift grouting

The common and simple method of unifying concrete masonry, in which the wall sections are built to a height of not more than 4" before the cells of the masonry units are filled with grout.

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