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Glossary of Concrete Terms

To help site visitors, industrial distributors, and contractors understand or clarify many terms used in the concrete and paving industry, dee Concrete Accessories has included this one-of-a-kind glossary. The glossary is organized as an alpha listing to assist you to quickly find the term you are looking for.

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Edger (edging trowel)

A tool used to fashion finishing edges or round corners on fresh concrete or plaster. See trowel, troweling, trowel finish.

Edging trowel

See edger.


The process by which water leeches soluble salts out of concrete or mortar and deposits them on the surface. Also used as the name for these deposits.


Able to return to its original form after the removal of stress.

Elastic shortening

The shortening of a member in pre-stressed concrete that occurs on the application of forces induced by pre-stressing. See pre-stressed concrete.

End plugs

Heavy-gauge metal cap ends for the straight steel forms.

Expansion joint

A surface divider joint that provides space for the surface to expand. It is usually composed of a fibrous material (~1/2" thick) and often installed in and around a concrete slab to permit it to move up and down (seasonally) along the non-moving foundation wall.

Expansive-cement concrete

A concrete made from expansive cement for the purpose of reducing or controlling volume changes that occur during curing. See curing.

Exposed aggregate

See Aggregate, exposed.

Exposed aggregate finish

A method of finishing concrete which washes the cement/sand mixture off the top layer of the aggregate - usually gravel. It is often used in driveways, patios and other exterior surfaces. See Aggregate, exposed.

Extension chute

An additional chute used by a concrete contractor to extend the length of the existing chutes from a ready-mix concrete truck. They are frequently used to pour floors. See agitator truck and ready-mixed concrete.

Extension pocket

Concrete forming accessories used to hold a form over a trench without adding additional supports underneath. This device consists of a stake pocket that is attached to an adjustable horizontal brace and then attaches to the stake pocket of the form. This device allows the forms to be set in areas that have been trenched by allowing the form bracing to "float" above and over the trench.

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