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Extension Pockets for Metal Forming

Extension pockets allow concrete forming to be performed in areas where stake placement would not normally be possible. The swivel feature allows the pocket to be placed in a suitable staking position.They can be used for all flatwork applications.

Typical Applications:

    • Hanging forms over a trench
  • Securing forms on loose or rocky soil/gravel
  • Securing forms over areas with underground cables/utility lines

Specs & Sizes for dee’s Extension Pockets

Swivel extension pockets are heavy-duty metal channels with two attached welded on stake pockets.

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Description dee Product #  
Two single wedge pockets (for 4" - 8" forms) 459 View Part
Two double wedge pockets (for 9 " - 12 " forms) 460 View Part
Features and Benefits

Ability to stake a form into a firm hold regardless of the soil conditions

Eliminates need to create complex wood bracing solutions

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