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Answers to common questions about our concrete products and accessories, and how to find our product specifications on our web site.

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If I buy inventory and I can't sell the forms and accessories, am I stuck with them?
No, you are not. dee will take your metal forms and concrete forming accessories back if they are resalable if a mutually agreed-upon program is in place with the distributor.
How fast can I get my order?
dee is the fastest shipping manufacturer of metal forms for horizontal concrete placement in the U.S.

We normally ship your order within 48 hours of receipt, but it is often 24 hours. Truckload orders might take 4 or 5 working days to ship.
Do you inventory standard products for immediate shipment?
dee maintains a $750,000 inventory of standard products at all times ready for immediate shipment.
Do you provide marketing tools or sample displays?
We sure do. Our distributors receive extensive "no charge" promotional items including: wall banners; product displays (including a 2' long curb & gutter setup); flatwork sample form sections; wall posters; and counter mats.

These materials are aimed at improving your contractor customers' understanding of the concrete forming products you carry and optimizing your sales personnel's time by reducing uninformed contractor questions.

They also receive dee product setup literature written in both English and Spanish supporting the needs of a wider range of contractors and improving contractor use of dee's forms.
Do other distributors get better pricing?
No. Pricing is based on annual sales volume. Pricing for all distributors is treated equally.
Why should contractors buy dee's cold rolled stakes and pins?
dee manufactures and sells the best form pins and nail stakes in the U.S. Our pins and stakes are made from cold rolled U.S. tool steel. No one - no one, makes a stronger, more long lasting, and safer to use, nail stake and form pin. dee invented and patented the original nail stake!
How can I convince my contractors that the dee nail stakes and form pins are better than the competitors'?
We will ship a selection of nail stakes and form pins to you for your contractors to field test at no charge if you will simply pay the freight.
Why do contractors still use wood forms and how can I sell them metal forms?
Wood forms have been used since day one for forming concrete. Metal forms were created to eliminate wood waste, make placing concrete easier, provide a more accurate placement, and save the costs of new wood after the old beat up forms need to be thrown out. Metal concrete placement forms pay for themselves quickly.
If I have contractors using other steel forms, will dee forms match up?
In almost all cases - yes. That's a good question and one many of our competitors can't answer in the affirmative. dee forms have been and are the industry standard and our forms will match up with any of the major competitors' forms. Most of the competitors' designs are based on dee designs. There are a handful of localized machine shop forms on the market with which we cannot absolutely say dee forms will match.
How do I get my people trained so they can sell steel concrete forms and accessories to our contractors?
dee personnel travel the U.S. training our distributors. We are often out 15-20 man-days each month visiting our distributors and providing training to help them sell and inform their contractor customers how best to use our concrete placement forms and accessories.
Can we obtain paving forms through dee?
Yes you can. dee offers both light duty and heavy duty paving forms for road paving projects. We also offer reversible paving forms in both weights plus paving forms punched for dowels for road projects requiring reinforced concrete.

dee paving forms are normally used in concrete placement applications for intersections, highway entrance and exit ramps, streets, bridge approaches, airport runways, roadways, commercial driveways and truck pads, heavy equipment pads, and taper pours for ramps.
Do you offer your line of concrete forms and accessories to any industrial supply distributor serving my area?
No, we are selective about the industrial supply distributors that carry our line nationwide. We sell the best forms and concrete forming accessories in the country.

So, we are looking for the distributors that are well respected in their areas. Also, we limit the number of our distributors in each area. We are also interested in dealers willing to stock basic concrete forms and concrete forming accessories.
How do I become a dee distributor?
Call us at 1-800-245-1333 and we will be glad to discuss your organization's capabilities and objectives.
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