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dee Concrete's Accessories Operations Team

Our team is always ready to help--contact us by phone (800-245-1333) or email ( to discuss any of your form needs.

Barb Skonieczny
CEO, dee Concrete Accessories

Oversees raw material sourcing, production, finances, and the daily operations of dee Concrete Accessories. Provides direction for all key business areas.

Bill Cavanaugh
National Sales Manager

Supports dee’s distributor network; provides field sales support and key account development assistance, product sales training, technical expertise, end-user consultations, inside sales assistance, and logistics help.

Dominik Bidus
Design Engineer

Designs and oversees the manufacturing of dee’s products; creates concept and production drawings, consults with end-users to optimize designs, manages production priorities, and fabricates prototypes for field evaluation. Provides inside sales assistance.

Bob Groble
Design Development

Works to identify, qualify manage and close public and private sector opportunities, that are then shared with dee’s distributors. Provides field sales support and\focus for targeted account development activities.

Erica Yokoi
Sales/New Business Development

Researches and qualifies new business opportunities for dee’s distributors to pursue, provides inside sales assistance, and manages dealer communications and promotions.

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