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Curb and gutter straight forms

dee standard straight flatwork forms are used as the back form, front form, curb-faced form in a curb and gutter placement application.

Curb and gutter straight forms - description

The dee straight curb and gutter forming system consists of a back form, a front form, a face form, a division plate, and a top spreader. The back and front forms are standard straight flatwork forms with the back form taller than the front form.

The dee straight curb and gutter forms are normally assembled into a curb and gutter forming system as shown in the illustration below.

 Straight curb and gutter form set up - illustration

There are 5 basic types of straight curbs:

  1. Vertical face - a setup with the front and the back of the curb being at 90° angles.
  2. Battered face - a curbface with the back of the curb at a 90° angle and the front at less than a 90° angle.
  3. Bottom radius - a battered curbface with a single radius formed into the bottom of the curb
  4. Top and bottom radius - a battered curbface with a radius formed into the top and bottom of the curb.
  5. Drive over - a curbface with a slow, gradual batter allowing traffic to pass over.

Curb and gutter profiles - illustration

The straight drive over curb and gutter profile only requires a front form and a back form spaced by division plates that are used as templates for striking off the drive over profile.

Drive over curb and gutter setup - illustration



dee straight curb and gutter forms are used primarily to form traffic barriers and direct water to sewers culverts or ditches.   Typical placements include:

  • streets,
  • parking lots,
  • driveways, and
  • roadways.

Water can be directed away from the curb (out flow), or towards the curb (in flow) depending on the curb and gutter configuration.


Specifications/range of sizes

dee straight curb and gutter forms are available in variable heights form 4" to 24" with either a 2" or 4" base. Standard forms are manufactured in 10-foot lengths.

Standard Forms Curb and Gutter – 12 Gauge
(All standard forms are 10' long)

Height 2 Pocket 3 Pocket Base Width Weight
2 Pocket
3 Pocket
4" X X 2" 37 39
5" X X 2" 40 42
6" X X 2" 45 47
7" X X 2" 50 52
7.5" X X 2" 53 55

X = Available

Standard straight curb and gutter forms with 2 pockets (204) and 3 pockets (205) - illustration

204 Standard 2" base with 2 pockets
205 Standard 2" base with 3 pockets
206 10 GA material with a 2" base, 2 pockets
207 10 GA material with a 2" base, 3 pockets
216 10 GA material with a 4" base, 3 pockets
911 Optional sliding nose

Straight forms - illustration

Standard Forms Curb and Gutter - 10 Gauge
(All standard forms are 10' long)

2 Pocket 3 Pocket Base Width Weight 2"
Base 2
Weight 2"
Base 2
Weight 2"
Base 2
2" 4"
4" X X X X 45 47 55
5" X X X X 52 54 60
6" X X X X 57 60 66
7" X X X X 61 63 71
7.5" X X X X 64 66 73
8" X X X X 72 75 78
9" X X X X 77 80 80
10" X X X X 82 85 94
11" X X X X 87 90 99
12" X X X X 92 95 105
13" NA X X X NA 100 114
14" NA X X X NA 110 120
15" NA X X X NA 120 125
16" NA X X X NA 120 130
17" NA X NA X NA NA 135
18" NA X NA X NA NA 140
19" NA X NA X NA NA 145
20" NA X NA X NA NA 150
21" NA X NA X NA NA 155
22" NA X NA X NA NA 160
23" NA X NA X NA NA 165
24" NA X NA X NA NA 17

X = Available       NA = Not available

Custom forms are available in 1/2" increments. All curb and gutter straight forms are available with a sliding nose option and optional dowel holes.

Sliding nose option - illustration

Click here to view the information required to obtain a quote from dee or to place orders for dee straight curb and gutter forms.


Features and benefits

dee's curb and gutter straight forms:

  • Are self-aligning, making form assembly easier and faster than wood saving labor costs.

  • Are self-aligning requiring no time-consuming and non-productive latching, locking, or fitting providing faster and easier form setup.

  • Are manufactured with reinforced gussets and heavy gauge, 7-gauge steel, stake pockets making them the strongest concrete placement flatwork forms in the industry providing many years, even decades, of useful life minimizing replacement costs.

  • Include either 2 or 3 heavy-duty, welded-on , 7-gauge steel stake pockets with built-in wedges with a bent tip making setup and removal quick and easy and making lost wedges a thing of the past.

  • Have double flanges with full-height heavy steel noses providing extra form strength, rigidity, and ensuring long form life.

  • Include heavy-duty noses for better form alignment providing truer placements.

  • Have few moving parts other than the heavy-duty wedges that lock the form securely to the form pin for firm steady fastening, providing fast easy setup and removal.

  • Stay in line regardless of the grade, due to easy form height adjustability, allowing easy curb and gutter forming on non-graded areas.

  • Are available with either a 2" or 4" base, providing added stability, as required by the type or height of the planned concrete placement.

  • Are all-welded, not riveted like many competitor forms, increasing the form strength and rigidity, guaranteeing accurate forming and improving form longevity.

  • Include 4 factory punched bolt holes in each rail allowing quick and effortless attachment to other forms, or other forming accessories like division plates, making the forms highly versatile and easy to use.

  • Taller than 8" in height are manufactured with two steel noses, welded between flanges, and reinforced with an angle increasing strength and improving contractor form use versatility by allowing both single and multiple sized forms to be joined easily and quickly.

  • Are available with custom manufactured curbface forms, to match any curb profile specified.

  • Are designed to accommodate high strength steel form pins which prevent the forms from becoming misaligned during concrete placement ensuring an accurate placement each time.

  • Are engineered to allow the curbface form to be lock securely in place by using a top spreader preventing the curbface form from moving during concrete placement ensuring the placement will meet specifications and pass inspection.

  • Taller than 8" in height are manufactured with double heavy gauge steel stake pockets with wedges placed in opposing directions guaranteeing the forms are securely anchored preventing form misalignment.

  • Have heavy steel angles welded at both ends of all forms providing a solid box end significantly minimizing end damage reducing expenditures for replacement forms.

  • Are manufactured with standard 2" top rails, allowing their easy combination with competitors' forms by using dee's filler form accessory.

  • Are regarded as the industry standard. They have been often copied, but their quality and value have never been duplicated ensuring our customers are buying the best product available on the market!

Contact dee Concrete Accessories at 1-800-245-1333, fill out our contact form, or email us at to discuss your individual curb and gutter form needs or to identify a distributor in your area.


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