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Curb & gutter curbface forms

dee's curbface forms are used to create the face of concrete curbs. The curbface forms, 10-feet long, are heavy gauge metal fabricated to meet the desired customer profile. Curbface forms are available for both metal and wood forming applications.


dee Concrete Accessories manufactures reinforced curbface forms for use as a component in its curb and gutter form setups.

Curbface forms are available for both straight curb and gutter or radius curb and gutter applications in 10-foot sections.

dee Concrete manufactures 4 common curbface forms styles. They include:

Curb and gutter curbface forms - illustration

Straight curbface forms

Straight curb and gutter curbface forms (#240) are fabricated out of a single piece of 10 or 12-gauge steel. The base of the straight curbface form is held in place by a clip welded onto the division plate. The top is held in place by a top spreader that firmly clamps the face form to the back form.

Straight curb and gutter curbface form - illustration

Radius curbface forms

Radius curb and gutter face forms (#516) are fabricated out of individual steel plates formed into the required profile. Then the individual plates are joined to form a 10-feet long radius curbface form.

The bottom of the radius curbface form is held in place by a clip welded to the radius division plate. The top of the radius curbface form is held in place by a rotating clip built into the radius division plate.

Radius curb and gutter curbface form - illustration


Curbface forms are used in all curb and gutter setups, except those specifically used for drive over curb and gutter applications. Typical setup applications include:  

  • Street side traffic barriers
  • Parking lot barriers
  • Driveway barriers and
  • Roadways


Specifications/range of sizes

Dimensions for curb and gutter curbface forms are determined by the specifications that must be met for each individual project.

Features and benefits

dee curbface forms:

  • Are made to meet any specific profile requirements, ensuring curbface placements pass inspections, saving concrete contractors from rework expenses.

  • Shape the placed concrete to the desired profile, reducing labor required to "hand tool" the needed profile reducing labor expenses.

  • Can be easily and quickly stripped from the form setup allowing the concrete contractor to complete any required finishing work without removing the complete forming system, saving labor costs and time.

  • Are designed and built to provide many years of service reducing long-term form expenses.

  • Are designed to quickly and easily transition from straight curb and gutter forms to radius curb and gutter forms or radius to straight, reducing labor time and expenses.

Contact dee Concrete Accessories at 1-800-245-1333, fill out our contact form, or email us at to discuss your individual curbface form needs or to identify a distributor in your area.


Call 1-800-245-1333 for a distributor nearest you.

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