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Seawalls and marine forms

dee Concrete Accessories manufactures a broad range of metal forms and accessories for horizontal concrete placement including flatwork forms, curb and gutter forms, paving forms, and custom forms.

We have recently added and a line of forms designed for marine contractors and seawall contractors, our seawalls and marine forms and accessories, for concrete forming applications.

Seawalls and marine forms - description

In addition to those standard and custom forms, dee also offers a line of marine and seawall forms including the Series 700 seawall forms for projects requiring consistent seawall panels that can be made to adjustable lengths and widths, adjustable pier piling sidewall forms (#783) designed to produce standardized pier pilings from 2' to 16'.  

We also offer two accessories - the seawall form stabilizing brackets designed to strengthen the Series 700 series form sidewalls for larger sized panels, and our seawall cap forming brackets designed to make seawall cap forming a faster, simpler, and safer forming operation.



  • Seawalls, in a variety of sizes, for those areas requiring extra protection from water erosion located on the oceans, rivers, larger lakes, and other large bodies of water.
  • Pier pilings for pier support in variable shapes, lengths, and widths depending on the specific piling requirements.
  • Horizontally placed concrete panel sections for use as quick to form slabs or pads.


Features and benefits

Series 700 seawall forms

  • dee's standard tongue and groove seawall form panels come in widths of 5' and 6' and are adjustable to produce seawall panel lengths from 10' to 16', in 2' increments, improving a marine contractor's return on investment.
  • dee seawall forms provide a 10-year+ life, eliminating ongoing replacement form expenses and increasing overall profitability.
  • Custom seawall forms can be made to 10' widths and 20' lengths, providing repeatable seawall forming in larger sized panels.
  • dee is the first metal forms manufacturer providing seawall forms, providing seawall contractors and marine contractors with extensive seawall form expertise, eliminating their need to expend time and expense developing alternate methods to create seawall panels.
  • Produce standard and custom panels, eliminating in-house engineering services.
  • Produce non-seawall panels or slabs, increasing form utility, creating additional business opportunities optimizing form investment dollars.

Adjustable pier piling sidewall forms

  • dee pier piling sidewall forms provide a fast and easy pier piling forming solution, saving time yet requiring virtually no training.
  • Marine contractors have total control over finished pier piling length, width, and height dimensions, (lengths from 2" up to 16' and heights and widths from 4" up to 24"), ensuring the created pier pilings meet specifications.
  • Contractors can create pier pilings to meet a job's requirements 2-3 times faster than using wood forms, saving wood expenses and increasing productivity.
  • Our pier piling forms use reduces finished pier piling and transportation costs by ~ 30% when compared to precast panels, increasing company profitability.
  • Using dee pier piling forms reduces form setup and stripping labor by 50% when compared to wood forming, increasing productivity and profitability.

If you would like more information about dee Concrete Accessories and the metal forms and concrete forming accessories we provide, please call us at 1-800-245-1333, fill out our contact form, or email us at


Call us at 1-800-245-1333 to see how we can meet your custom form requirements.

Seawalls and Marine Forms

Seawalls and Marine Forms Accessories

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