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Custom forms

dee Concrete Accessories manufactures a broad range of metal forms and accessories for horizontal concrete placement, including custom forms for a wide variety of concrete forming projects.

Custom forms - description

In addition to those standard forms, dee also offers a custom line of super flat forms for projects requiring the flattest floors or foundations with the least variation; tilt-up forms, reversible tilt-up forms; foundation form sets; custom-designed to place slab on grade foundations for garages and homes; rehab forms; and rigid custom column forms.


  • Warehouse floors with minimal deviation for guide by wire equipment and floor applications where extremely minimal deviation in the floor is required.

  • Horizontally placed concrete wall sections for vertical tilt-up or lifted-into-place wall sections.

  • Horizontally placed concrete wall sections for vertical tilt-up or lifted-into-place wall sections with two options for wall thickness using the same reversible form.

  • Custom foundation sets made to individual plan specifications for residential developments requiring repeatable slab on grade foundations.

Features and benefits

Foundation form sets

  • dee's foundation sets are custom made allowing foundations to be completed exactly to the architect's plan specifications.

  • Our custom designed foundation sets provide repeatable slab on grade foundations, standardizing the process of foundation slab construction process saving the developer, or his contractors', time and money and increasing job efficiencies.

Rehab forms

  • Our rehab forms are designed to meet the needs of sidewalk and slab replacement contractors. dee rehab forms are fabricated of heavy, 10-gauge steel, and slip down adjacent to existing slabs virtually eliminating the need to dig or to remove or replace sod.

Reversible tilt-up forms

  • dee's reversible tilt-up forms allow the contractor to form tilt-up walls with two different wall depths (form heights) using the same form reducing form costs, form storage requirements, jobsite form inventories, and man-hours required to use two unique sets of forms.

Rigid custom column forms

  • dee's rigid custom column forms are made of heavy gauge angles over a custom rolled skin results in a column form that is reusable indefinitely.

  • Our rigid custom column forms are designed and fabricated to your custom specifications in stackable heights of 18", 24", and 36".

Super flat forms

  • dee's super flat forms are available in either a fixed angle edge or a removable angle edge configuration minimizing screed drag and eliminating screed hop resulting in an extremely flat floor.

  • The super flat floor forms with the easily removable angle edge attachment provide extra flexibility allowing the forms to be used for multiple purposes.

Tilt-up forms

  • dee's tilt-up forms are manufactured with pre-punched nailing holes allowing the tilt-up forms to be set up and dismantled quickly improving productivity and to be anchored on top of an existing horizontal concrete structure or any horizontally flat surface also improving concrete worker productivity. Our reversible tilt-up forms have two unique face heights.

Contact dee Concrete Accessories at 1-800-245-1333, fill out our contact form, or email us at to discuss your individual custom concrete form needs or to identify a distributor in your area.


Call 1-800-245-1333 to see how we can meet your custom form requirements.

Custom Forms

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