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Keyway Forms for Metal Forming

Keyway attachments are formed metal channels used to form tongue and groove connections for all types of floors and slabs.

Typical Applications:

    • warehouse floors
  • Storage buildings
  • Slab applications where movement in underlying ground is anticipated

Specs & Sizes for dee’s High Curb Face Plates

Keyway forms are fabricated to match the size or shape of your specs. Four holes are punched in the keyway forms and the straight forms. Four carriage bolts and nuts are furnished with each 10' section.

Place your mouse over a product number in the table to reveal the product image.

Description dee Product #  
Standard section for keyway forms 6" and higher 280 View Part
Small section for keyway forms 4" and higher 288 View Part
Features and Benefits

Allows the placed floor to shift

No need to worry about cracking the entire concrete pavement due to expansion and contraction

Allows a large concrete floor to be placed in sections

Entire floor does not have to be placed at one time

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