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Seawall form stabilizing brackets

dee Concrete offers seawall form stabilizing brackets for concrete seawall forming applications to stabilize the seawall forms.

Seawall form stabilizing brackets - description

dee has developed stabilizing brackets (#787), to use with our Series 700 seawall forms. The stabilizing brackets were specifically designed for the needs of seawall contractors and marine contractors. The brackets create a stabilizing brace when used in conjunction with an adjustable wood 2x4 and work with any size dee seawall form.

The stabilizing brackets prevent the seawall male (#782M) and female (#780F) keyway forms from bowing out horizontally due to the weight of placed concrete.

Standard connector bolt  and heavy duty connector bolt - illustration

dee seawall form stabilizing brackets

dee seawall stabilizing brackets are made out of 10-gauge steel, weigh 5 pounds each, and are sold in sets of 2.

Each stabilizing bracket is 14" tall and includes an open-ended rectangular channel which has been designed to insert a wooden 2x4 through it. The channel is mounted on top of a 10" vertical bracket.

dee has designed and affixed a "T" shaped fastening handle to the top of the rectangular channel and when the handle is tightened it locks the inserted wooden 2x4 into place.

A 1.25" 90° angle stop is mounted on the inside of the bracket ~4" from the top and is designed to allow the brackets to rest on top of the seawall form rail.

Construct the assembly by inserting a 2x4 wooden crossbar, that spans the width of the seawall form, and sliding it into the open-ended rectangular channel attached to the top of each of bracket. The 1.25" 90° angle stops must be positioned facing in.

Place the assembly horizontally over the width of the seawall forms with the 1.25" 90° angle stops positioned facing in and resting on top of the seawall form rail. Tighten the "T" handles to lock the wooden crossbar brace firmly into place to complete the seawall form stabilizing process.



dee's seawall form stabilizing brackets are designed to provide an easy method to prevent seawall keyway forms from bowing when filled with freshly placed concrete, improving finished panel quality, and protecting the forms from potential damage.


Features and benefits

dee seawall stabilizing brackets provide the marine contractor with a method to:

  • Brace any sized seawall forms horizontally eliminating potential bowing from the weight of freshly placed concrete.

  • Produce dimensionally accurate panels that are always usable, eliminating any rework labor and materials.

  • Extend the life of dee seawall forms eliminating form damage caused by bowing, saving potential replacement costs.

  • Improve panel quality, providing a long-term forming solution for finished seawall panel dimensional problems associated with bowed forms.

Contact dee Concrete Accessories at 1-800-245-1333, fill out our contact form, or email us at to discuss your individual seawall form stabilizing bracket needs or to identify a distributor in your area.


Call 1-800-245-1333 for a distributor nearest you.

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