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Concrete and paving glossary
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Concrete and paving glossary - H

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Hand float

A wooden tool used to lay on and to smooth or texture a finish coat of plaster or concrete. See float, trowel and darby.


Adjustable hanger with straight pins - illustrationA straight metal bar with pockets on an adjustable slide that allow straight forms to be placed in areas where securing forms into position is difficult due to soil conditions, existing pavement, or obstacles.

Hangers are often used in applications such as sidewalks, foundations, and curb and gutter work. See straight forms.



The curing agent of a two-part synthetic resin, adhesive, or similar coating. See curing.


An extension, a knee like protrusion of the foundation wall that a concrete porch or patio will rest upon for support.

Heat of hydration

The thermal energy, or heat, resulting from chemical reactions with water, as in the curing of Portland cement, concrete, or gypsum, as it cures. See concrete, curing, hot load, and Portland cement.

High chair

Slang for a heavy, wire, vaguely chair-shaped device used to hold steel reinforcement off the bottom of the slab during the placement of concrete. See bar chair and chair.

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High-pressure steam curing (autoclave curing)

The steam curing of products made from cement, sand-lime, concrete, or hydrous calcium silicate in an autoclave at temperatures of 340° to 420° F.

Holding period

Period in the manufacture of concrete products, the period between completion of casting and the introduction of additional heat or the steam curing period.


A method by which concrete is poured and not puddled or vibrated, allowing the edges to have voids or holes after the forms are removed. An area in a foundation wall where the aggregate (gravel) is visible. Honeycombs can be usually be remedied by applying a thin layer of grout or other cement product over the affected area. See aggregate and vibration.

Hot load

Construction slang used to describe ready-mix concrete that has begun its hydration process while still in the delivery drum of the agitator truck. Hydration causes heat build up in the concrete mix. See ready-mixed concrete, hydration, heat of hydration, and agitator truck.

Hot-rolled solid steel form pins

Concrete forming metal pins that were formed by rollers from a hot plastic state into its final shape. Hot rolled pins are characterized by a rough, scaly surface and do not contain the tensile strength of cold-rolled steel pins. See cold-rolled solid steel form pins.


The chemical reaction that occurs when cement is mixed with water. See hot load and heat of hydration.

Hydraulic cement

A variety of cement engineered to harden under water. See air-entrained agent.

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