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Concrete and paving glossary
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Concrete and paving glossary - K

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Kelly ball

A device for determining the consistency of fresh concrete. It is sometimes used as an alternative to the slump test. See slump, slump cone, and slump test.


A slot formed into a concrete surface for the purpose of interlocking with a subsequent pour of concrete.


A recess or groove in one lift or placement of concrete that is filled with concrete of the next lift, giving shear strength to the joint. Also called a key.

Keyway attachments

A ten-foot long keystone-shaped metal concrete forming accessory that attaches to standard metal forms used to create horizontal tongue and groove connections for all types of floors and slabs. See flatwork forms and straight forms.

Keyway forms

Metal concrete forming devices used to pour interconnecting slabs. They are basically standard straight forms with holes drilled along the center face onto which a keyway is bolted and then used to pour "keyed" slabs. When the straight forms are needed for a standard pour, the keyway attachment is easily removed. See straight forms.

Keyed slab - illustration


A furnace, oven, or heated enclosure for drying (wood), or charring, hardening, baking, calcining, sintering, or burning various materials. A furnace for firing clay or glass products or a heated chamber for seasoning wood.

Knee boards

Boards used by concrete finishers to kneel on to perform hand trowel flatwork. See trowel and troweling.

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