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Concrete and paving glossary
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Concrete and paving glossary - W

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Wagner fineness

The fineness of materials such as Portland cement expressed as total surface area in centimeters per gram as determined by the Wagner turbidimeter apparatus and procedure. See Portland cement.


Horizontal bracing used to support or stiffen concrete forming. See forming.


A term used to describe a hand-held finishing tool that has been modified with extension handles so it can be used while standing up.

Warehouse set

The partial hydration of cement stored for a time and exposed to atmospheric moisture, or mechanical compaction occurring during storage. A partially hardened, unopened bag of cement. See hydration.

Water-cement ratio

A numerical index of the relative proportions of water and cement in a concrete mixture. The ratio of the amount of water, exclusive only of that absorbed by the aggregates, to the amount of cement in a concrete or mortar mixture. The ratio is preferably stated as a decimal by weight. For example, the ratio 1:2:4 refers to a mix which consists of 1 cubic foot of cement, 2 cubic feet of sand and 4 cubic feet of gravel. Cement and water are the two chemically active elements in concrete and when combined, form a paste or glue which coats and surrounds the particles of aggregate and upon hardening binds the entire mass together.

Water gain

See bleeding.

Water-reducing agents

A material that either increases workability of freshly mixed mortar or concrete without increasing water content, or maintains workability with a reduced amount of water; the effect being due to factors other than air entrainment.

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Water repellant coating

Transparent coating or sealer applied to the surface of concrete and masonry surfaces to repel water.

Water stop

A synthetic rubber strip used to seal joints in concrete foundations walls.

Water table

The location of the underground water. Also, the vertical distance from the surface of the earth to this underground water.

Weep screed

A tool used to drain moisture from concrete.

Wet screeds

Concrete strips placed beforehand at the proper elevation to act as height guides when pouring a concrete slab. See pouring and slab.

Wetting agent

A substance capable of lowering the surface tension of liquids, facilitating the wetting of solid surfaces and permitting the penetration of liquids into the capillaries.

Wood forming accessories

A variety of miscellaneous accessories needed to work with wood forming when placing concrete. Typical accessories include corner forms, curb face forms, division plates, filler forms, form bracing, nail stake and form pin pockets, transition forms, form spreaders, and hangers.

See bracing, curb and gutter forms, flatwork forms, flexible forms, division plates, nail stakes, stake pockets, and transition forms.

Wood forms

Pieces of lumber, often 2x4s, used as single use or minimal use forms for concrete placement. See flatwork forms and straight forms.

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